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    i was going yo upload a picture to my post (as i always do) and now it sais i don’t have enough space…?
    what? have never heard of this problem. people upload ALOT of pictures. so, what, idon’t understand. is it only wordpress having this kind of issue?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can see exactly how much pace you have used and what remains here > Dashboard > Medial Library
    All blogs come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images. If you need more space you can purchase a Space Upgrade


    …or you csn register a new blog / account, call it and fill it up with your stuff. Then, when that’s full, register and so on and so on…


    csn = can



    Hi there,
    This blog looks to new to me to have exhausted the space allowed for media so that’s why I flagged the thread for Staff attention when I posted above.


    Hello there. Happy Halloween.

    Instead of paying for a space upgrade, they could just create a separate storage account… upload media / photos there, get the URL, link it to the new post on the old blog. It works the same as having a YouTube, PhotoBucket or Flickr account.

    Free WordPress storage space is actually nearly infinite… I don’t know why anyone would pay for the upgrade.



    I agree that’s what could be done but I do want Staff to take a look at the blog and confirm whether or not there really is a “space problem” first.


    Hi sannamk,

    I see that you’re using 5.7 MB out of 3.0 GB in your Media Library. Are you referring to or another blog URL?

    Are you able to upload an image directly to your Media Library (outside of a post) in Media -> Add New?



    yes, thats the blog i referring to.
    now im able to upload again..weirg but good =)


    Excellent. Thanks for following up here to let us know!

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