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No nickname

  1. Just curious: Why is it suddenly my username instead of nickname that shows up in my profile?
    I have checked "edit profile" everything is set correctly.

  2. maybe you could try re-editing your profile and see if it works...

  3. I have tried. It did not make any difference... It is a mystery.

  4. You didn't by chance add another blog today? Just something that I thought might be a possibility.

    I would send a Feedback and ask what's up; maybe support can fix it.

  5. Nope. Yes maybe I should send a feedback entry. I will wait a little though. I already sent another one today and I don't want them to think I am complaining all the time.

  6. I get the impression from the FAQ:
    that the only place your nickname shows up is on your posts and comments on your blog. On your blog, i see "Anne"

  7. Are you talking about that dropdown menu on the Your Profile page? Not sure what specifically you're looking at.

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