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no notifications to my followers

  1. When I post something new on my blog, I don't get any reaction anymore in term of lkes or comments on my posts. If I interat with people ten they come to my blog and see I posted something new. My true followers don't get any notifications anymore so they don't know if I posted something new or not, this must be a bug in WordPress. i looked up my settings and normally followers should get notifiations about my new posts. I don't know what to do, leave WordPress and go subscribe to another blogervice ? Been thinking about it cause I saw other people on different internet forums having same issues and never do I see anyone with a explanation about how to fx this issue. I see posts from people who had this issue in 2014, 2015 etc, ... looks like this is an old pain for WordPress, that didn't got solved permanently

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Very interesting indeed. One thing I noticed that might be an issue for some of your followers is that their "Notifications" are off on their end. Here is something to read on this to be able to get a more detailed look into your followers. Until then, I am going to get more assistance for you on this.

    Thank you kindly.

  3. Thanks, but I already know why there are no likes for recent post that I made on my blog, simply cause I used to much hashtags and then it doesn't show in the reader section. as soon as I posted my next post with less hashtags, my followers directly seem to find my posts. Also what I didn't know is that there is a difference between followers and email followers, I thought every follower gets a mail automatically, but that doesn't seem the case. So yeah my posts were not showing in the their reader section because of to many hashtags

  4. You are exactly right. I learned something here and I appreciate you showing me this. I read more about it here, seems like 15 is the max allowed.

    Thank you very much for this reply.

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