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No (obvious) way to renew Custom Design upgrade

  1. Our Custom Design upgrade is expiring today. On the Custom Design page, the top right button says "Upgrade Active". On the Store page, under "Blog Subscriptions", Custom Design is marked as expired. On neither of these pages is there a "Renew" button for the Custom Design upgrade.

    Has anyone ever seen this? What should we do?

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All upgrades are purchased and/or renewed by clicking into Store

  3. Thanks timethief. Our problem is that in our Dashboard, there currently isn't any option to purchase/renew the Custom Design upgrade, even though it's marked as expired.

  4. It will be visible if you have the Admin role. Did you find the Store link? https:// Then you can click the custom design link and I believe you will find a renew link there. If you can't locate it then you will have to contact Staff.

  5. That link I posted above is b0Rked. Sorry :(

  6. I am sorry I was not able to help you and I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  7. I am admin for the site, yes. Here is what the Store page looks like:

    Thanks again for your help, timethief!

  8. I'm sorry I can't help you; only Staff can sort this. I have flagged this thread for their attention and there's no more that I can do.

  9. Since the upgrade has expired, you'll need to purchase it again.

  10. I think they know that; they're trying to find out where the link is to purchase it again.

  11. Ah, good point. That has never happened before.

    qbert72, I poked something with a sharp stick. You should be able to purchase it again now from the Store section of your blog's Dashboard.

  12. Hi macmanx,

    Another admin to the site was able to access the renewal page through the notices on top of the Dashboard. She renewed the upgrade before I read your messages, so I can't validate if your fix is working. But all is good nevertheless.

    Thanks everyone for your help!

  13. You're welcome!

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