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    My blog has been up for about 2 months and i have a total of 210 visitors and i have no comments. Akistment tells me there is a total of 5 spam comments why would there be more spam than someone who wants to comment. Also how could i get my visitors to comment

    The blog I need help with is


    A lot of people read and lurk, but never comment.



    Pro bloggers like Chris Brogan provide advice on increasing comments. In fact, you can see the advice and Chris’s own comment on this post in my blog: No comments? Its all a matter of perspective. Simply type the title into the search box to locate it.

    Attracting readers and holding their interest so they return and become subscribers is based on relationship building and actively encouraging their comments. You can find strategies for doing that in my blog as well. Simply type Encouraging blog readers to comment into the search box. Other advice can be found in Appreciating your readers.

    The place to start is to employ Blog Promotion Basics, as there are Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic that all bloggers ought to consider taking.



    Engage your readers to comment, as in ask for their opinion by telling them to comment on your posts. If you do this, just get your blog known the best you can by linking to it as much as possible. Also, creating good, interesting content will make people want to announce that its interesting, or how they would change it.



    As I said in two separate lectures yesterday:

    How many comments do YOU make daily?

    The internet is entirely give-to-get. To get something out of it, you’ve got to put something into it, and that includes comments.

    There will ALWAYS be more spam than legit comments. Especially since the ubiquity of Facebook and Twitter, the “commenter urge:” has been bled off to other platforms, so suddenly every commment you make is rare and important. I used to routinely get 40 comments per post in the first day. Now I frequently get none, but I do get lots of rt’s and some comments on Facebook.

    I calculate comments come at a rate of about one per seven hundred readers now.

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