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No one is answering my question-- WHY?

  1. Hi..!

    Please see my question which is pending for over 3 days. Why isn't anyone responding to my question?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have answered the question to the best of my ability. Mostly it is volunteers here and some of us only come here occasionally so the time it takes to answer something depends on the number of volunteers here, how much time they have and if they know an answer or not.

  3. If you ask for help with a specific solution, and that solution is impossible, usually people will not answer the question, because only people who know how to do what you ask would answer.

  4. Well, how would I know whether people are not answering the question because the solution is impossible or just that my question is unclear or for any other reason. I can't make any assumptions.

    Well, I am still not getting any clear and specific answer.

    Sorry to say, I am disappointed.

  5. Now you know: if nobody knows the answer to your question, no one will answer your question.

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