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no one is getting notifications when I post a new blog

  1. Whenever I post a new blog, nobody receives an email notification. I have made sure that everyone has checked their spam thingy in their emails. Am I being silly and not ticked a correct box somewhere or is it something else?
    Can anyone assist?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make sure that they have the correct subscription. It is possible that they made a comment follow, not a post follow. Then make sure that you have the correct email addresses for the recipients. After that, check you have the email addresses in the correct layout. If you need further help, please reply.

  3. Thanks for replying.
    This may indicate how much of a novice I am….
    I went to check this and it appears I am the only user - should invited followers be seen as users? If so, what might be wrong? If not, where do I find whether other people have made "comment" or "post" follows? All email addresses should be correct due to them accepting my original invite - additionally, the only place I can see their emails is on the "past invitations" page.
    Hope I am being clear...

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