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No-ones blog is displaying correctly. its not parsing the css...

  1. Every blog that i go to is not displaying correctly. How do we get this fixed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, ditto that! Help :-)

  3. adkinsmetcalffamily

    I contacted support, hopefully they will have it fixed soon. I blamed Matt! LOL

  4. I think you got the ball rolling, Larry!
    I hope so, anyway! word! ;-)

  5. glad it's not just mine.

  6. I was worried I was the only one...

  7. littlelovestar

    whew. that is was just my accounts as well

  8. Sorry!

    This is now fixed.

    Please reload your browser. And if you do see a problem please wait another few seconds.

  9. earthchicknits

    So glad it wasn't just mine. Thanks for the fix!

  10. I can't even link to support. How long has this been going on? I haven't blogged for a while so I thought maybe it was because my blog was inactive. ???????

  11. littlelovestar

    whew. that is was just my accounts as well

  12. littlelovestar

    Oops sorry for the old duplicate post. What I meant to say is thank you for the update!

  13. My dashboard still isn't displaying properly. Have reloaded browser several times. Also, on one of my blogs, the header image is missing.

  14. americanreport09

    After I changed to Vigilance, my header disappeared and every time I reload it, it never appears, the image is still in the media library. I also have an ongoing problem with the formatting never being right, it is always double spacing and looking like spaghetti, no matter what I do.

  15. fabulousfinishes

    well mine is still messed up as well.....

  16. Mine is still not working properly.......

  17. The CSS is loading in IE7, but not IE6 or Firefox. The sticky says it's fixed, but this is not true for me!

  18. If you're still experiencing problems, please clear your web browser's cache. This article explains how to do that for most common browsers:

  19. I've done that, over and over. The pages display properly in IE7, but NOT IE6 or Firefox.

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