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No option to ADD EMAIL to domain

  1. In STORE / DOMAINS / I dio not have a button option to ADD EMAIL
    Blog url:

  2. Following the instructions to add email to my doamin, they tell me to go to STORE / DOMAINS / and click on ADD EMAIL

    I only have a button to edit DNS but nothing to ADD EMAIl


  3. Where are you seeing the instructions that say that's what you should do. As far as I know, has never offered hosted email.

  4. You'll need to be logged in as the user who owns the domain mapping subscription.

  5. MAcmanx - Well that would be me - I am the only owner of this domain and of the wordpress blog... raincoaster, I am trying to add in google business apps for email - you are right, WordPress does not host email. But my domain points to wordpress, and then I have to point wordpress to goole apps - I think!

  6. is this the guide you are looking for?

  7. No, there are no domain subscriptions under the katymoo account.

    The domain mapping for was purchased by a different user on that blog.

  8. Timethief - YES, I have that, but see where it says to click on 'add email' - I do not have that option. That is my question.....

  9. Macmanx - FASCINATING. Maybe the friend who was helping me? How do I find that / change that??

  10. You'll need to ask that person to reply here and request that the upgrade be moved to your account.

  11. But how did you find out it was not katymoo? Can you tell me who it is?
    Is this a wordpress ownership, or a url ownership (which I bought via my domain)

  12. It's the only other user on the blog, check the Users section of the Dashboard.

  13. Macmanx, you are indeed the happiness engineer. I love you. THANK YOU for your time and attention. WOO HOO

  14. You're welcome!

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