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    Hi I have opened and the domain

    I have written an about page and I am in the process of moving the pages over from their previous home but whenever I click to look at the progress of the site, a message comes up saying that the page does not exist.

    I have both the wordpress site and my new domain in place and I’m confused as to what the problem is. Any help would be great



    I can view your site and also the about page:

    They always say clear your cookies and history and everything and then close the browser and try again.



    I can see your blog just fine, along with the custom header and the posts:
    * Cheeses of Nazareth
    * Sing A New Song Chicken Tikka
    * That’s When I Need My Father’s Eyes
    * The Voodoo That I Do Do
    * I’m Mee I’m Now an That’s Orl



    It seems to be up permanently now, in the early few hours it kept returning 404 error every so often but now I reckon we’re ready to rock in the new home.

    PS. Seeing titles written by someone else is WELL funny, thanks for all your help!


    If your DNS redirection was just recent, it can take 24-48 hours for it to settle down. My latest took 72 hours.

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