No paragraph breaks after a bulleted list

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    I love this theme but when I include a bulleted list on a page, the double line break that follows it disappears when it’s published. This means that every bulleted list has whatever comes next smushed up against it, regardless of how it looks in the visual editor. Curiously, adding <p> tags in the text view doesn’t make any difference. Instead, I have to put extra line breaks after the list in order to put some space between the last list item and the next paragraph. AND: if I ever go in and make any other change to that page, any extra line breaks I had so carefully entered after my lists, totally disappear again.


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    That’s because the CSS of the theme doesn’t specify any bottom padding or margin for lists. You can correct this by writing the opening ul tag this way:
    <ul style="padding-bottom:20px;">

    Change the number to adjust the space.

    See here for more:


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    By a list do you mean and unordered list with bullets beside each iton on the list?

    Please provide a link starting with http:// to a post with an example of this question.


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    Thanks justpi! That works just fine.

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