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No photos appearing when I google my blog

  1. Hi there
    I am very new to this and have been toiling away and finally look like I have something to post, but when I Googled artbyliz no photos appeared, even though they are there when I view on WordPress. Can you help?

    Also, why doesn't my blog site appear in Google when I enter my name? How can I get more exposure?
    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Among other issues you have only two Posts - Google barley knows your site is alive - you need to put a few more Posts to help search engines to think you are a real site.

    Read timethief's site for a lot of good tips

  3. Thanks auxclass for the quick response. I will follow your advice.
    When I googled "needle-felted penguins" my image appeared and when I clicked on it the full blog came up complete with 7 photos. However, those photos still don't appear when googling my blog. Does my double-dutch make sense?

  4. Your site is only a month old - it takes a while for search engines to index a new site - each time you make a Post your site calls the search engines. New blogs can take a few weeks before they are indexed. The older your site is the more credibility search engines seem to give a site - I have a site that I just put assorted mumblings on and it has never been registered with any search engines and it is now indexed and when I make a new Post the Post is indexed in a day or two (or so it seems)

    See timethiefs site for tips on how to get your site more traffic.

  5. The other thing is make sure and include descriptive, but concise "alternate text" when inserting images into your posts and pages. Google will not index images that do not have "alt" text (tags).

  6. Thank you for your help. I am really showing my age and ignorance. Three cheers for forums!!!

  7. You may find this video to be helpful. Matt Cutts, the head of Google's webspam team, provides some useful tips on how to optimize the images you include on your site, and how simply providing useful, accurate information in your ALT attributes can make your photos and pictures more discoverable on the web.
    Using ALT attributes smartly

  8. Thank you, timethief, it added one more notch to my information belt.

  9. It is a week later and I added descriptive ALT attributes to all my images and STILL they do not appear when I google my blog.
    Any further suggestions?

  10. Keep publishing frequently and be patient.

  11. It can take two months for search engines to index you. The more text you have on your site, the faster this happens; text includes details, alt text, descriptions, etc on image files. But it also includes titles and paragraphs of text. Text is what Google lives for.

  12. I have just noticed that my username is 'artbylizb' but in the domain name it is 'artbyliz' without the 'b'. So I googled '' and all the images appeared. Not so for 'artbylizb' or 'liz butcher king island'.

    With respect, I think it is more than just having to be patient.

  13. No. The more you blog and the more references there are to those two terms on the internet, the more results there will be over time.

  14. @artbylizb
    When it comes to search engines indexing your content there are 10 factors that may expedite the process. At the very top of that list like raincoaster I place publishing new content frequently for exactly the reason she described. Also note that we are giving you the best advice we can give re:
    search engines.

  15. OK, I bow to your knowledge and apologise for being stubborn. thanks.

  16. Stubbornness is a good trait to have online, SEO "experts" notwithstanding. But so is an ability to change when necessary.

  17. I cant get my blog onto google....

    i have 2 blogs in total.

    the first one (4evastardoll) is got a few hits and is on google and its only about 2 weeks old

    the second one (Nintendogs4eva) i made about 3 days ago. i have about 10 posts and quite a few pages and yet it hasnt got any hits and is not on google. any tips???

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