no photos shown when moving blog from Yahoo Hong Kong

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    I’ve tried to import posts from Yahoo Blog Hong Kong to here by importing a zipped file. All the texts are fine but I can’t see the photos, what’s wrong and what should i do?

    The blog I need help with is



    Is the site itself still active on Yahoo Blog Hong Kong? If not, you will most likely have to upload and reinsert the images yourself.

    To be certain, I’ve tagged this for Staff input.



    Please answer justjennifer’s question so we can help you better. Otherwise feel free to send us the zipped file by e-mail to this address.

    Thank you!



    Thanks justjennifer for the help. Yes, my site is still active on Yahoo Blog Hong Kong, but it has been locked as “read-only” mode only.
    kardotim, i will send you the zipped file (created by Yahoo itself by pressing the button they provide, as they will soon close Yahoo Blog in December)
    Thanks first! Hope i won’t need to upload and reinsert each images….that would be super painful…



    It’s possible that the “read-only” mode is preventing the importer to import the images. Could you set the Yahoo blog to public and try to import again?

    Also, I did receive your e-mail but it doesn’t contain a download link or attachment. Could you please try it again?



    I will try to contact Yahoo Hong Kong administrator for that, but that may be difficult as the “read-only mode” is one of the default steps in their official manual because they will soon close all the blogs-related business… >.<

    I have tried to send you the zipped file (about 100 mbs) via dropbox and have shared that to your email. Hope you could get that.

    Once again, thanks very much!



    It seems the image permalinks in the export file are incorrect. I can try to fix this for you. What’s the address of your Yahoo blog?



    my yahoo blog address:

    sorry the interface is set in Chinese and that may be difficult for you

    the link to my photos on the blog:

    and this is Yahoo HK official page for the export tool:

    the link to download my zipped file:
    [removed link]

    if you need my login to access the above pages, please let me know

    again, thanks so much for your persistence and help!



    I was able to import everything for you.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    Thanks kardotim! I’ve seen my new wordpress blog with some photos, that looks great.

    why can’t the blog show ALL my photos?
    for example, in my most recent post, the second image is missing…(you can compare my Yahoo blog)

    for other posts, similar problem occur as well…why wordpress blog can show SOME of my imported photos but not ALL?

    what should i do?

    again, appreciate your help…i am really eager to start my journey on wordpress~



    I took a look and everything is working properly, all images are loading.

    Can you please try clearing out your browser cache?

    Or do you also encounter this issue in a different browser? for example Firefox or Google Chrome?



    (i’ve sent a separate email to support with the same content as follow with attached images to explain my issue)

    hi Kardotim,

    I have tried to clear my browser cache but the problem still persists. SOME images are not loading at all (please see “snapshot of my blog1.jpg”)and some are not shown properly (please see “snapshot of my blog2.jpg”, you may compare to my old blog to see the difference: scroll down to the end and you will see the original image, after the CS Lewise quote)

    I am using IE10 to view my new blog on wordpress, using FONTFOLIO as the theme. One more question about the theme front page: Images shown on the frontpage are not shown in their original dimension (the display on wordpress looks “longer”), is this part of the theme design? i just find this a bit weird. But when i click into the post on wordpress, the image’s dimension just looks fine again.

    for example:

    on wordpress- see snapshot of my blog3.jpg

    on yahoo blog-see snapshot of my blog4.jpg

    Thanks again for your precious time to help me out!

    Sophie Leung



    We’ve tested your blog in several browsers and it worked fine. Looking at your screenshot you seem to have issues loading the images. This is high likely caused by your browser, computer or Internet connection.

    Have you also tried a different browser as suggested in my previous reply?

    The Fontfolio theme’s layout causes some images to scale differently then others. This is by design. You might want to try out other themes at

    Thank you.

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