No pictures come up, though they're definately uploaded to gallery.

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    Okay, so I uploaded to pics, to my most resent post
    But they just refuse to appear in the post?

    It does’nt matter if I try to insert them on at a time, or as a new gallery, they refuse to show inside the post.

    Now I figured out that they MUST be somewhere, since it seems like the attachment site for each pic is actually there. If I’m in the pic editor, via the controlpanel, I can get the attachment site to show up, but the pics are still just not inside my post.

    I’ve checked a thousand times, and I’m definately sure that the pics were succesfully uploaded to the library.

    I’ve chosen my two pics, after uploading them to library, hit ‘create new gallery’ – titled the pics, and then hit the ‘insert gallery’ OR ‘insert to post’ button, and they just do NOT turn up in the published file.
    And they do’nt come around, if i go back and try to edit my post.

    After hitting the ‘insetr gallery’ button, nothing happens. The media page just disappears, and nothing shows in my post editor, not even a blank square. As well as the pics refuses to show in my final and published file.

    I’m using Chrome, and as far as I know, it should be the very latest update of it.
    Is it due to using chrome, or is it just yet another bug, or is it me doing something terrible wrong.

    The new media upload site and stuff looks beautifull, but it seems to just not work, at all….

    If there is really so many bugs, as I have read here in the forum, could’nt we just go back to the old and very functional uploader, and let developers fix the new uploader in the mean time, so folks do’nt have to be so frustrated about pics not showing up, or not working properly….

    It is really frustrating, especially since I fear that I’ll be told to do something technical whitch will prbably be to advanced for my abilities.

    IF you do choose to answer by giving me some kind of instruction on how to make it work, please spell it out as simple and precise as possible, otherwise I will just get confused about the technical terms, and I’ll end up not being able to solve my problem on my own.

    Hope to recieve fast answers, and thanks for your great work and endless patience staff…. ;)

    The blog I need help with is



    Someone please help me here….?



    Nevermind, and thanks for constantly skipping my question.

    So, to anyone else with this problem, i can tell you, that when you’re done uploading your pics, and you get to the part where you title the pic, and write the ALT text, you can also choose how to display the photo.
    In order to both see the photo inside the actual post, AND to be able to view in full size by clicking the image, you need to choose ‘media file’ in the fall down menu where it says ‘link to’….
    If you’d rather have your picture shown bigger, but stil in the theme of your blog, you’ll have to choose ‘attachment file’.

    I provide you the link to tutorial here You need to view the part that says ‘gallery settings’.

    It took me a long time to figure it out, so I hope this is helpfull to someone else as well.



    Thanks you for sharing what worked for you with others. It was a kind thing to do.



    Your welcome timethief. It would have been nice to have someone telling me that this was all it took ;)

    I have some trouble understanding the technics around software stuff, since english is not my native language, and i do’nt really understand the language of comnputering neither ;)

    So figruing this out took me a long time, and loads of lost hair ;) Especially since it looked like mine was the only queston not answered her yesterday.

    Also I feel kind of stupid, now that I can see it’s actually shown in the new image upload descriptions. I just did’nt see it yesterday, because it says nothing about non-appearing images. Maybe that should be in instructions? I mean, maybe the instructions should say that if your picture is missing, after uploading them, and inserting them to a post, it may have to do with that little setting issue right there….?

    Anyways, thanks for noticing me this time around ;)



    I did notice you but I was primarily answering questions in threads that are dated three days old and older. In fact I’m still working on those ones now.



    Got alot of questions these days then ;)

    It was only beacause I noticed that others said they felt skipped on the same issue… Usually I’m alot more patient ;)



    There are many waiting for help:



    wraaaaah!!! You poor people… Just for the fun of being alone anyways, I’ll have a look, and see if someone asked the same question I did ;)

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