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No place for users to comment

  1. Hi there, I recently added a premium theme and it seems that there is no spot for others to leave comments on my post. How do I fix that?

    Also, how do I add photos to my home page to dress it up a bit? I know how to add background photo but that is it.

    Thank much,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but your theme is a premium theme and we Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no knowledge of how they are designed to operate. When you purchased it what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer. Go here > Appearance > Themes and click the “premium” link you find there to the Premium Themes Forum please.
    documentation here >

  3. Okay, will you look at my page and click on a post and see if there is a spot to comment please?

    Thank you!

  4. I clicked on title and could not locate a comments link. I have no idea how that theme operates. With the others we set up comments on this page > Settings > Discussion
    instructions & details here > We can enable or disable on individual posts and pages by following these instructions >

  5. Okay, I will keep working at it.

    Thank you!

  6. Did you post to the Premium Themes Forum for help?

  7. I'm seeing a comment link at upper right on each post on the main page, and a comment box below the post when I click on that or on the post title. Was this not the case a while ago?

  8. @TSP
    They were not there when I first looked. So either the OP followed my instructions above or Staff fixed this from the backend.

  9. Yeah, I figured they must have fixed it since you two were not seeing it and I did.

  10. To clarify, comments in premium themes work the same way as comments in other themes. You just need to enable the comments. That is done on a per post or per page basis after the post is already created, and you can set defaults that will affect and new posts you create by updating the options in the Settings → Discussion page.

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