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no place to log in to my blog

  1. After entering my username and Password when I log on to my blog, I check the "remember me" box which allows me the freedom to not have to login for about a month. When I need to login again, I click on "login" in my blog roll. Today I had to login, but when I went to my blog roll, "login" was missing. My question is how do I get into my account to put the login widget back into my blog roll? Is there another way to get in? I need to make a post and I can't get in. Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is crazy! I just posted the above question, hit the submit button, reread it one more time, and fort some reason clicked on my blog URL which I had added at the bottom. It took my to my blog and I was able to get into my account from the top bar (which was missing before). The login widget is still missing from the blog roll so I'm going to restore that right away. It is a widget, isn't it?


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  3. I see your Log-in under Meta as the bottom item on your sidebar.

  4. I don't see "Meta" in my sidebar. The last thing I see in my sidebar is the widget I added and named administration which seems to be working for me as far as getting into my account.

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  5. It looks like you changed the title from Meta to Administration of the group that I was referring to.

  6. Ok, I see what you are saying now. That is exactly what I did after getting into my account through the strange and mysterious way I mentioned above. Now I will have access to my account even if the admin bar is not showing on the top of the blog. Thank you.

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  7. mrbisogno

    I removed the link signatures except the first post (from starting a new thread) since when starting a thread a url is required...

    But any replys after that link signatures are not allowed here in the forums if someone wants to check out your site they can do so by clicking your username...

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