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    Hi there right now frustrated is my name as I have searched for over an hr for plugins in my menu. I mean its literally not in my menu on the side bar for me to click on it to be able to install plugins that I’m after. I’m ok at making websites as I’ve made them before by viewing tutorials. But its been a while since I’ve bn in wp, so have forgotten how to do things somewhat but i still remember the plugin thing. HELP!!!!! I’m soooo frustrated. I thought plugins is automatically there or something under appearance or tools or something a rather. how do i get to imbed plugins on the menu sidebar please????????:-))

    The blog I need help with is



    Stop reading WordPress.ORG install instructions –

    WordPress.COM does not allow Plugin’s for performance & security reasons – you can use Plugin’s here but you need to have a VIP hosting – starts at $ 30,000 / year add $ 5,000 per Plugin to have the Plugin vetted for security

    For more on the difference:

    You have a ton of Widgets that used to be Plugin’s

    what Plugin can’t you live without?


    wow do people actually pay that???? There’s no way I would not ever. Who would be silly enough to. When I was in wp before creating a site there was PLUGIN in the wp admin, you know where you go to create yr site! You coud click on plugin on the side bar and then add plugins that you wanted to add. When I watch you tube videos to creating a site I see in their admin side bar where listed is posts comments, appearance, personal settings and so forth they have plugin there also. I used to have it before but for some reason its not there now. Are we talking about the same thing really??????????:-II


    I could always install plugins before yet not now!!!!!!!!!



    No, nobody actually pays that except huge corporations like CNN.

    As auxclass told you, the videos you are watching do not apply to the WordPress.COM version of the software, which does not allow plugins. You cannot install plugins on a blog. You never have been able to install plugins on a blog. Plugins are for WordPress.ORG blogs.



    If you want to look at the instructions for your blog, which is WordPress.COM, then look in the Support documents

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