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No plugin option

  1. i was on blogspot and i got tiered of it even i was doing everything free , but now when i got to wordpress i almost spent 24 $ , i bought domain and host in godaddy and i install my wordpress on godaddy then i got surprise that i dont have a plugin option i really star making some money and make my money back please help me

  2. If you have a Godaddy hosted blog, you are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG.

  3. i saw people whom had different host . i dont have to be on wordpress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You're not. You had a blog and you deleted it. That's a good thing, because what you want is against the terms of service here.

  5. can u please tell what should i do right now >? do i have to open new blog . org ?

  6. If you have bought hosting on Godaddy you need to install software from in that web space. Instructions are at

  7. do u have any video to show me how ? i appreciate what u've done till now

  8. There is video over at

  9. thank u so much for ur help

  10. Godaddy should have a "One button WordPress Install" - ask at Godaddy

  11. PS - making money at blogging is very tough and not an instant thing

  12. I was making money on blogger i have 50 Euro but im scare from google to delered my blogger

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