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    Hi, I downloaded SEO by Yoast and Jetpack from the WordPress plugin site but dont have the Plugin option on my sidebar to install. How do I install these onto my site, or are they already functioning just by downloading? I have a basic wordpress site that is hosted by wordpress. Thx!


    The blog I need help with is



    We don’t allow plugins on for security reasons. Plugins are a feature only available for self-hosted blogs provided through

    Here you can learn more about SEO at


    As someone who has just transferred over from Blogspot, I’m appalled that I can’t provide the option to share content because of spurious “security reasons”.




    Your Sharing options are right on your dashboard, under Settings->Sharing. You don’t need plugins for that.


    For authors, yes. For readers, no.

    Back to Google for me!



    Ok, if plugins aren’t allowed on blogs,only and self hosted domains, then how can I get the membership site plugin features that include the 9 levels or pages you can edit and add content as I have on my self hosted or paid hosted domain @ I know of trasnferring it,but see that costs…any suggestions? As I have a version AND a version and a website version…and my personal website one is perfect,except the video’s not seen,only the link!?



    liampennington doesn’t understand the Reader exists here.

    And shadowmanfan, if you have a site, you can use plugins on that. Some plugins cost, and some are free. What you don’t need to do is to buy upgrades on to get plugins working on your site. There is no upgrade, including the $2600 a month VIP upgrade, that allows plugins on



    I just want to re-install WordPress 3.5.1 and have the membership option/levels/pages on my webiste, and the other,the about page,as I disabled the 2.7 option by accident,or stupidity; in the settings,the page set up,blog whatever area. Where you write text etc. And lost the membership site options/levels/pages.



    You need to go to WordPress.ORG.

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