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no plugin tab on my dashboard

  1. If you had read this thread you would have seen that self-hosted wordpress blogs have a plugins tab. WordPress.COM blogs do not and never have.

    Plugins are for self-hosted blogs.

  2. If WordPress consistently gives "tutorials" on how to install plugins, complete with SCREEN SHOTS of a plugin tab, LOGIC states that plugins work with wordpress sites. Why on earth would WordPress give advice on a feature that is not allowed in WordPress. It makes no sense, I do not believe it, and if it's true there is a SERIOUS FLAW with WordPress. End of sentence. I'll post when and if I find a real answer.

  3. These replies state two opposite things: That plugins do NOT work on "self-hosted" blogs, and that plugins work ONLY on "self-hosted" blogs. Which is true? If one establishes a wordpress site, isn't that where the site is hosted? You keep repeating these contradictory statements but have still offered no real answers. That's why people keep asking the same question.

  4. @sarah, there are TWO types of wordpress. There is this free hosting service, wordpress.COM and self-hosted wordpress blogs using the stand-alone software from wordpress.ORG.

    Since this wordpress.COM hosting service is a multi-user version, it means we all share the same underlying files and that means that any security hole or bug that one blogger would introduce would affect all of us potentially. There are a lot of very poorly written plugins, themes and widgets out there and there are even some with malware built right into them. Sad but true. These are the main reasons that plugins cannot be used at the hosting service. Would you want me installing a plugin that ended up taking down your blog?

    Plugins work on self-hosted blogs where YOU are entirely responsible. If YOU install a plugin and it kills your blog or starts distributing malware and gets your blog deleted by your web host for infecting the web server or distributing malware (whether you knew it or not), that is YOUR problem.

    And people keep asking the same questions because the don't know the difference between .COM and .ORG blogs. And the fact that thousands of people sign up everyday, so there is always a fresh crop of people that do not understand.

    If you want plugins, register yourself a domain name, hire a webhost such as godaddy, etc., install and configure the wordpress software from wordpress.ORG and you are on your way. Figure an average overall cost of $10 to $25 per month depending on bandwidth and storage requirements.

    YOU will be responsible for all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you have to figure out what and fix it. If you install a plugin that kills your blog, you have to fix it.

  5. The real answer is, you should read the rest of this thread. End of reply.

  6. is NOT really free when you choose your own URL.

  7. Having your own URL is a choice. You do not have to have one, and in that case it is free. And, at $20 per year for a domain and domain mapping, it is between 7% and 17% of the total cost of self-hosting (including domain registration) your own blog ($120 to $300 per year) depending on bandwidth and storage requirements.

  8. Tomorrow's blogging topic:

    Dumb people. Where do they come from?

  9. And they will probably reproduce

  10. raincoster, who died and made you self proclaimed admin of this blog?
    Question for everyone else: what's an equivalent widget for the "you might also like" plugin?

  11. @monastyling: There is no equivalent widget to the LinkWithin plugin. It's only available on self-hosted WordPress.ORG blogs:

  12. I think is unfair to everyone of us. They must let users to use plugin so that we can try or test on how to configure a wordpress blog with plugin without wasting any money in the very first place. Not all of us is a tech genius here. With a monthly hosting rate of $10-20 is a really a big bite in the ass, plus when youré going to study the whole software within two months or more that is really a pain.

  13. Run WordPress.ORG on your desktop - save on hosting if you just want to learn the WordPress software - Plug-in's can crash your whole site and poorly written ones can have major security and operating flaws. Not all Plug-in's work with their neighbor -

  14. and one more thing. If they are scared of any so-called virus or malwares being attached on the plugins well they should ask anyone or pay for anyone who has the brain to develop an anti-virus or anti-malware software that can protect the system. excuses is not acceptable here since they are gaining money through advertising means to wordpress blogs or donations.being cautious is a good choice but they must put to their precious minds that helping this community will stay them on the top.

  15. This is a multi-user platform which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. A bad plugin or bad code installed by one person could potentially bring down 2.5 million bloggers. There are plugins out there that kill blogs because they are so poorly written, and there are plugins with malware in them. Sad but true. I know because I get paid a good amount of money to fix blogs where plugins or bad javascript have killed them.

    If you want plugins, buy yourself a domain name, hire a web host and self-host your own wordpress installation. Then if you happen to install a plugin or code that kills or damages your blog, it is your problem and you don't bring down a bunch of other people with you.

  16. The advertising and upgrades pay for all the datacenters, servers and bandwidth used by all of these bloggers, not to mention all the staff that wordpress.COM has to keep everything running.

    Everyone wants everything for free. No one wants to have to pay their way.


  17. Dumb people: Where do they come from? Can we stop them from breeding?

  18. performancesubaru

    is there a way to include a contact form (name, email, phone, question) on the side of a wordpress.COM blog for every page.

    I understand that wordpress.COM does not allow plugins, but I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway to just add a simple contact form in the sidebar (i know you can create a sidebar for the blog post/page, but I want to have it on the side independent from the post and for it to appear on every page)


  19. Make a contact form on a Post or Page then put a link to the Post or Page with the contact form in it - use a text widget is easiest.

  20. is there a way to include a contact form (name, email, phone, question) on the side of a wordpress.COM blog for every page.

    Please read the support documentation. Contact form >
    You can create a contact form on a static page. A link to that page will appear as a page tab in your top navigation and it will appear on every page in your blog.
    You can place a link to the static contact form page in a text widget and display it in a text widget in your sidebar.

  21. Since there seems to be so much confusion and repetition re: plugins in vs., does it not behoove one or the other to be clearer re: the distintion between the two? Couldn't one or the other have given themselves a different name perhaps? No, all of us out here do not know the difference between a .org or .com website. Does that make us idiots? To you perhaps, but to all of us down here, we know we're not. It seems to me that (the non-self-hosted site that does NOT allow plug-ins for security purposes) should also practice some quality control over who they hire or allow to administer these forums. Seems to me you should join a basic social skills class or go back to sitting behind your computer and work on code.

  22. It might be more useful to give that feedback to staff, rather than the volunteers who help out in the forum.

    Not reading even the Titles of the sticky threads at the top of the forum, such as " vs" makes you unobservant. Not reading threads you post in would make you something else entirely.

  23. Sticky post at the head of the forum > or ? The difference. >
    Front page of the support documentation > vs. Check out our article on the differences. >

  24. I came here to know about the plugins, and thank you for all the explanation. All you need to do is READ, not just scrolling down and ask the same question that has been answered before repeatedly. English is not even my first language and I'm a bit tech challenge, but I can understand perfectly about the explanation of .COM and .ORG. It's as simple as .COM = FREE = NO PLUGINS, while the other one is .ORG = PAY = PLUGINS. As a .COM user, sure I'm disappointed that we cannot have plugins, but hey.. itself is already good enough for me. Thanks :)

  25. @cookingdj
    You have said:

    I came here to know about the plugins, and thank you for all the explanation. All you need to do is READ, not just scrolling down and ask the same question that has been answered before repeatedly.

    You are welcome and without doubt we Volunteers are in agreement with you. Every day we experience those who do not READ the information at the links to support documentation that we provide, and/or do not READ the threads they post into. :(

    Best wishes with your blog. :)

  26. I'm sorry-I'm really shocked by how rude and condescending some of you are. People are trying to learn, and need help. I think we could all skip the smarmy remarks. If you don't want to be helpful, then why are you volunteering to help with this thread?

  27. If people read from the start of the thread, they very quickly find the answer to the question. If people don't read the thread they're posting in, what does it matter what we say in the thread?

    The thing is, if you read the thread, you'll see that we have been helpful. Repeatedly. If you read the thread, you'll click away long before you get to the smart remarks about how people don't read the threads they have posted in. We wrote down the answer to your questions already; if you don't even bother to read it, don't expect respect from those who put hours a day in giving the answers. Over and over.

  28. @timethief

    Thank you so much :)

  29. Thanks for the answers here. Some of have been very helpful. FYI to the sacredpath, it seems you know a lot and can be a very helpful resource. I'd suggest focus on being a problem solver and look deeper into questions people pose. When people are wondering if there are plugins on, look at an answer such as that given by aux class: "WordPress.COM has taken many functions from Plug-in's and made Widgets out of those functions, so don't let the "no Plug-in" line make you think that it is the same as "no features" or "can't do"
    This is a GOOD answer. It helps solve the problem we are facing, without being obnoxious, 'high and mighty,' of giving the "I'm better than you" vibe. I was comforted to know sacredpath doesn't work for wordpress. This would be a very poor reflection on the company. You may be good technically and can certainly improve on your people skills.

    As for raincoaster, I'm glad you enjoy monitoring this blog so you can yell at us slaves from your high horse. You've contributed nothing other than berating people. It must make you feel good at the end of the day.

  30. In defense of TSP, RC and the other (including myself) - answering the same question 5 times a day because someone does not look back in the Forum even one day can be a bit trying for anyone - both of the above have provided many many thousands of answers over many years to many users - WordPress.COM would not be as nice a place to use if it was not for many Unpaid helpers like them.

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