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no plugin tab on my dashboard

  1. ~~auxclass
    People who have done nothing wrong do not require a defense.

    All members can go directly to paid Staff for assistance with any issue. Life is short and any additional time you invest in judging and lecturing those who are trying to help will bear you no interest. So here's the contact link to Staff for your convenience Please bookmark it and use it as frequently as you need to.

  2. @helpotherssucceed, People were not wondering if wordpress.COM used plugins in the backend as @auxclass mentioned. They were wanting to know how they themselves could use plugins and the answer is, they cannot.

    I mentioned early on that if we knew what people were wanting to do, there might be workarounds, but if there are no workarounds then the only choice is going to be moving to a different host that allows the code, or self-hosting a blog using the software from wordpress.ORG.

  3. This is CRAP! I had plugins on my LIVESPACES pages and never had a problem. I get conned into the WP.COM migration, and it is total CRAP!

  4. @fordtech1: Perhaps there are workarounds for them. If you want us to help you, I suggest you create a new topic and indicate what "plugins" you had on Windows Live Spaces. That will be a lot more constructive, eh?

  5. @fordtech1
    If not having plugins is a deal breaker for you there is an alternative. As wordpress.COM is a multiuser blogging platform individual plugins are not allowed on blogs at for security reasons.

    Plugins are for individual self-hosted wordpress installs ie. free software from wordpress.ORG. The only security risks are to your own install.

  6. @fordtech1

    Your beef is with Microsoft who threw you out not that gave you a way to keep your old material and not have it just dumped into the bit bucket of time. Being rude to people here that have tried to help you does not win friends. Now that you have your material free of the clutches of Microsoft you are more than welcome to Export your blog and go somewhere else.

  7. I just read through all of this and found an answer to my question: why don't I have the plugin tab. It took me over 30 min of gooling to get here though, searching in wp doesn't work if you don't know the right wording or difference between ORG and COM.
    Thank you for taking time to answer here!

    But @raincoaster - I read all of your comments too - can't you just say nothing if you can't be halfway polite? This is a Q&A forum after all.

  8. I could, but why?

  9. @juliamoved, search in the support forums. A search there for "plugin" would have brought the support document that says plugins are not allowed here and will also bring up relevant forum threads as well.

  10. I searched for plugins byt it took quite some time to find the answer. However, I appreciate you guys take so much time sharing your knowledge!
    Just don't understand the motivation to call people idiots here. Thanks again!

  11. Sticky post at the head of the forum > or ? The difference. >
    Front page of the support documentation > vs. Check out our article on the differences. >

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