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    My blog has two authors, but I can’t figure out a way for each post to display (pretty standard, I thought) “Posted By” info. I’m wondering if its just my template (PressRow), but I’d rather not change it at this point.

    Any thoughts?


    Have your authors include a byline at the top of their posts. Pressrow does not display the author information.



    These are the options available for you to choose from.

    (1) You can choose a theme that provides for and displays individual authors. There are theme reviews that can assist you in determining if a theme provides this “authors” feature. Look in the section titled “Display post author”.

    (2) If the theme you prefer to use does not this feature then you can create a category for each author by name (examples: Tom, Dick, Harry).

    (3) Or if neither of the above options are suitable then you can have each author include a byline in the posts they create. {hat tip to thesacredspace}



    Thanks for this, guys!



    I’m glad our advice resolved this issue.
    You’re most welcome. Happy blogging :)

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