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No Posting for a Bit

  1. As many of you have noticed, we're deactivating posting for another 45 minutes while we run some unplanned maintenance on some of our main blog servers. Some of you may not be affected at all, the distribution is random.

    On the bright side, your blogs should still be readable, your stats are still being tracked, and everything should be back to normal shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  2. Swell! Thanks for the update! :)

  3. Yay! The resident QT speaks!

  4. Thanks for the update Matt, I'll kick back and pester my Cat, Sidney.

  5. Will the 2 I've written as this notice was being published show up either on my blog or my drafts? I don't see them now saved as drafts...

  6. my blog is not fully readable - all page links go to the "problem" page

  7. @comparedtowhat

    I fixed your pages problem.

  8. ramblingroze, I don't know, you'll have to see when it comes back up. Everything up to the last auto-save before things went down should be there.

    comparedtowhat, your blog is visible to people who aren't logged in. There is an "invalid key" problem for people who are logged in that should be fixed within a few minutes.

  9. matt -- my foot really itches, is there anything you can do about that?

    Just kidding.

  10. Okay all "invalid key" errors should be fixed now.

    jpoyer, maybe this?

  11. heh heh. good one.

  12. Okay all dashboards should be active again now. Let me know if you have any new problems that started after things were brought back.

  13. I have a 12 minute notice on mine.

  14. I notice one little oddity that I'd thought was a part of this, but now things appear to be loading faster and it's still there:

    Maybe theme specific, but my blog has links at the bottom of the page (e.g., the front page) for "previous entries" and "next entries." They have stopped showing up. Hmmm, I notice they *are* showing up on a couple of other Cutline blogs in the system. So the cause must be something else.

    I did try putting some code into a text widget earlier this evening. It didn't work as it contained javascript, so I deleted it and removed the widget. Might that have messed up the code for the links?

    Update: Well, it's back to normal now, so... nevermind. :-/ Maybe it was related to this maintenance after all.

  15. This is so not fair. I was down to one minute for about two minutes, and now it's back up to two minutes. That's alright, I have some creme to apply anyway.

  16. growthmadness, your blog should be fixed now.

  17. @jpoyner try clearing your cache and reloading, or logging out and then back in.

    [edit] of course, only after applying the creme.

  18. Matt,

    Yep. Good work. :)

  19. Good - I'm in. I scrapped my post and came up with a new one:


  20. Woohoo, I can import again. ;)

  21. I lost the post I wrote...argh!!

    I got a notice pop up when I went to publish the post that maintainance would be happening in a thousand something days...not at the moment...and the post...was LOST.

    I actually lost another post a week or so ago...and re wrote it, but I was surprised as there was no maintainance at the time???

    Is this an on going problem???

    Just wondering.



  22. ALWAYS, always always copy everything in your post box to the clipboard just before hitting Publish. It will save you so much anguish. You'll never know as long as everything's going right, but when you're the ONLY person who can post because you're the only one that saved it, you'll thank me.

    We've had intermittent problems for maybe a week or so. Send a feedback each time it happens.

  23. mine now seems to be having trouble loading images that were uploaded over the past few days, including early this morning between 3:00 and 5:00. these new ones didn't surprise me, but the older ones not loading does. any idea what's up with that? thanks.

    UPDATE: golly, i'm so good at answering my own questions! i guess it was an intermittent thing. shoulda thunk of that, sorry.

  24. is this off again? uploads seem unsuccessful, and i'm well below my allotment of space (i'm at 6%)

  25. I can't upload either and some images on my blog have disappeared

  26. hey i am still having probs with room mates avatar is still showing up when i am logged out under my "nick". when i am logged reg avatar seems to be ok. people without accounts are seeing my name but my roommates face. i have reloaded and reloaded the avatar til the cows come home. is there anyway to clear all the avatars so one can be reloaded?

  27. see there ya go///her face is there. its a nice face but it isnt mine

  28. man this is frustrating

  29. @brotherjmcgregor:
    Dude, chill. It's. Just. An. Avatar.

    BTW none of us can go look at your blog to check what you're talking about, because your username links to a broken myspace profile.

  30. You people are lucky 'cause your problem is just the avatar. In Turkey access to is totally banned by some idiotic court order. Is there anyting you can do? For example finding out which blog caused this and deleting it ?

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