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No Posting for a Bit

  1. actually what "caused this" is a repressive state that doesn't value freedom of speech.

    Edit: let's leave this topic to its stated purpose, okay? You already have a thread open in the OT forum about Turkey, and i agree that it sucks, but posting in this thread is not going to help anyone. If you want to discuss the Turkish situation with staff, please contact them through the support link in your dashboard.

  2. 4:01 pm PDT

    I am still blocked from commenting at my own blog. I get an error page saying I am commenting too fast. A few, very few comments are coming thru, but none of mine.

    Think this started 4 or so hours ago.

    I cannot tell from the thread if you have resolved your inscheduled maintenance or not.

    Thanks for your help

  3. I got scrambling so much after things cleared last night, that I didn't get back in here to say thanks for getting things straightened up. Better late than never: thanks. I really needed things right today, so the timeliness is much appreciated.

  4. california4gore

    Um my stats just rolled over to Saturday and its still Friday.. 5:15 PST... anything you can help correct the issue would be great. We just did an email blast and we are experiencing a spike in traffic.


  5. california4gore

    I realize you may be on GMT -- but still our best day stats and some other infor has changed ... like our best day says we have 6 visits and we clearly have alot more than that - can i expect the data to return ... ?

  6. Thanks raincoaster for your reply...I will begin to copy my stuff...don't have time to retype these days!!

  7. I just now registered but I don't see the WRITE button so I'm not able to start..can somebody help me. Thanks!

  8. mine is dead too

  9. back up now

  10. sportsconversation

    Our site is being redirected to the wordpress homepage and in the backend of I am getting some kind of odd Red bar at the top. If I click on "Options" sometimes it shows the red bar and the details are for [email redacted] ... but at other times it is showing up just fine. It's almost like there was a bad batch of code that got cached or something.

  11. You will need to email staff for a fix on that. support at wordpress dot com.

  12. sportsconversation - I fixed this last night so you should have been good to go then. If not, post here?

  13. sportsconversation

    It is working now, thanks for the response.

  14. Everything works fine except when I try to make a new post, the site won't load completely and will just freeze up. This happens every now and then, I'm assuming you're still doing maintenance ?

  15. My recent post is not showing up either.


    Here's a link to what I can see when I am in manage my posts. What's going on?

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