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No posts found when using Reader.

  1. I have suddenly lost the ability to view latest posts by topic, and posts I like, when using Reader.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Me too. So I'm going to bed.

  3. I coincided with me making a new post (live).

  4. If you have AdBlock running please try disabling it.
    If you are not using the https:// secure log in please try using it.

  5. No Adblock in use/Secure log-in selected. Additionally, there's been no acknowledgement (likes/comments) of my latest post from followers or the WP community for about 50 mins, which is unusual.

  6. This should be fixed now.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  7. Fixed...but my post missed the train. It hasn't had the exposure of being listed, can this be fixed by reposting?

  8. You're using more than 10 combined tags and categories, which means that your post is hidden from the reader.

    On your next post, try less than 10. Please note that it can take a day or 2 to show up in the Reader if you've gone over 10.

  9. @macmanx
    Nick changed that 10 to 15 >

  10. Ah, hm. Maybe it reverted. I'll check.

  11. nikoneyes, it looks like you republished your post, and it is appearing now.

  12. I did republish, but it didn't appear straight away in some of the topics used. I was working to 15 tags, but I had no idea that that figure included categories.

  13. Get Your Content to Appear in Topics
    Add up to 15 relevant tags (or categories) to your posts before you hit publish, and your content will appear on those topic pages.

    Matbe Staff could insert some wording into that entry that clarifies it's the combined total number of both tags and categories assigned to any post that must not exceed 15.

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