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    Hello, I’ve tried looking for my question but have not had any luck finding it so far, so I apologize if I was not thorough enough in my search and someone has asked this (or something similar) in the past. My issue is this:

    I would like for some posts to only appear in the category that I have created for them, and not on the “front page” of my blog, however I am unsure of how to do this. I know it’s a possibility- but it may be that it’s only available when using the wordpress application on a hosted site, rather than a direct wordpress blog. I’m hoping that’s not the case because I really don’t want everything to appear on my “front page”.

    If you have any advice on how to go about this, or just no for certain that it has to be a hosted blog and not a wordpress blog, please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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    At, the only way for a category to appear in a category widget or cloud is to have a post(s) with that category. And the only way to have a post is to put on your front (blogging) page.

    The only way I can think of is to make the category you want into a page. Then, instead of posts, make child pages containing the articles. You can’t post to a page, but you could keep editing and adding to the child pages. But pages don’t have tags or categories, so they will be left out of the global tag pages, and no doubt affect search engines finding them.


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    The other possible trick could be to date the posts the posts years ago and apply only that category to them. You wouldn’t want to use an archive widget on your sidebar or they would show up on the bottom of the list, but you could use a calendar widget which shows only 1 month of posts at a time. Of course the “ancient posts” could still be found by a reader clicking back far enough. And if your posts stay relevant for several months, your readers will have a hard time finding them.…

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