No preview link/button while creating a post

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    I seem to have lost the Preview button/hyperlink when I create a new post. You used to be able to click the hyperlink and go to the Preview (of the post) and click another hyperlink to go back to Editing.

    I seem to have lost or am unable to find this feature. Is it the theme (Contempt) I’m using? I changed a couple of themes and I had the same problem.

    I looked at the FAQ and searched the forums but didn’t find anything relevant. Anyone else see the same problem or have a solution?



    It shouldn’t be the theme as it’s the admin interface you’re looking at.

    If you hit “Save and Continue” then you should be able to scroll down the page and see the preview. If this isn’t working then I would put in feedback about it.





    Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify that I’m able to see the preview of the post. What I am unable to see is the hyperlink/button that was provided earlier. I’ve already written to the feedback team.

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