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No "random post" option?

  1. I use Inuit Types theme (by Bizz Arctic) and wanted to add a button to get a "random post" which I see on many other blogs.
    When I go to Appearances-->Widgets, however, I do not see a widget for "Random post," Is it possible it's simply not an option with my theme?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you can post examples it'd help, but most times it's a simple text widget with a link in it... so

    There also used to be a simple link with an arrow image on the WP admin bar that let us find random blogs, that'd be an awesome feature to have back.

  3. The "next" link works fine but has the nasty habit of sometimes directing you to a blog that was suspended for TOS violations... (looks like those aren't removed from that ring!)

    Moderators, could you please remove johnnytesting's first link or make it non-clickable? redirects to a not suitable for work (NSFW) website.

  4. Hmm. I see how that link ( works, but I don't see how to make that a link on my sidebar. I see how to add a text widget, but then I put the link in the text and it just shows up on my sidebar as is, messy, exposed. I want it to be a button that's clickable... anyone?


  5. Put this in the text widget and edit as desired.

    <a href="">Click for Random Post</a>

  6. Put something like this in a text widget:
    <a href="" title="Click here for random post">Feeling lucky??? Click here for a random post</a>

  7. THANK YOU! worked great

  8. If you want to use a button, upload the button to your media library, get the URL and put it into the following code.

    <a href=""><img src="URL_of_button" alt="click for random post" title="random button" /></a>

  9. You're welcome.

  10. I've replaced some links above with "". Thanks.

  11. @naokomc: FYI, it still says instead of, which directs users to the NSFW site.

  12. @airodyssey @thesacredpath

    So sorry! It is fixed now.

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