No "read more" button for Libretto theme?

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    Hello, I am using the Libretto theme and I selected to show excerpts in the content options. It works but it does not automatically show the “read more” button, and clicking on the excerpt doesn’t do anything either, so there is no way to read the whole post. Is it possible to make the theme display the “read more” buttons automatically?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello @elenaemblen,
    The Libretto has the post excerpts feature, but it does not have the “read more” link feature. Readers have to click on the Title of the post to read the entire post.

    Even using the More Tag from the post editor does not help, when the post excerpt feature is turned on.

    If you need the read more link for your posts then, try this:
    1. Turn off the post excerpts from the content options.
    2. Update your posts with the More Tag.

    This will enable the read more link for your posts.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


    there is no way to read the whole post

    Hi @elenaemblen,

    If you’d like a “read more” link to appear, please:

    1. Set the “full post”to display in the content options

    2. Add the “more” tag to the content of the post wherever you’d like the excerpt to end.

    This should create an excerpt with a “read more” link, as can be seen in the demo.


    @otpidusprime – This is why I miss the real-time collision detection in Helpscout. It helps people see if is another user is already typing a reply :)


    *helps people see if another user…

    Apologies for the typo.



    Oh thanks! :-) That explains it. It’s a bit of a pain though. Does any of you know a theme similar to Libretto in styling but that would do “read more” automatically? I don’t like the “clean black and white” themes, I’m afraid…

    Alternatively, is there an intelligent search for themes as opposed to browsing?



    @garysixtyeight well you could always check for the tags on the sidebar, I tag and then start replying.

    You could do that same, as i refresh the page 2-3 times before replying as well.

    as suggested by @timethief! 🙂


    do the* same

    Apologies for the typo as well. 😁

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