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No referrers but 18 views

  1. silverbells2012

    Today I have 18 views (about 6 different countries) but apart from one person who accessed my blog through Facebook and two through Reader, I have no indication how the other people came to view the posts. How can this be?

    I am curious to see how my viewers can read my blog without going through Reader, Facebook (where I advertise my posts personally) or or a web search engine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Views are viewers are not the same. I can click into the front page of your blog and then and click into 5 posts or pages. That would amount to 1 viewer and 6 page views.

  3. Also viewer count is not real time and it can take a couple of hours for a new viewer to be reflected in the stats - views are almost real time so they show up quicker (less than a minute or two the couple of times I checked the page views counting)

  4. @auxclass
    Good point! It can take a few hours for stats to update.

  5. I sometimes look at my stats after midnight - 1 viewer, 7 countries, 16 page views

    I find it amusing

  6. I rarely look at mine because I rarely have the time to.

  7. silverbells2012

    You mean the detais about the referrer may come later?

    You see, at the moment, I have only 3 referrers, but views from more than 3 countries, which means it can't have been just three viewers. Even if a person got on a plane, they couldn't have made the journey in time!!

  8. The WordPress App on my cell phone has turned out to be a great waster of time. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I will take a look

  9. OMG! The tyranny of cell phone addiction is one I avoid. Neither my hubby or I want one or need one. we do not want to ab able 24/7 to anyone for ant reason whatsoever.

  10. I forgot to proofread:
    We do not want to be avaiable 24/7 to anyone for any reason whatsoever. We are not brain surgeons who are on call and we are not so insecure as to need a phone to be a babysitter. Don't get me gong on cell phone addiction and nomophobia as I turn in every driver I see using one.

  11. For some of the things I do the cell phone really helps, sometimes not so good to be able to be reached. There also have been a few times where it was very important for a friend to be able to contact me and the cell phone was great and very helpful. I have also mastered the part about letting the call go to voice mail when it is not convenient to talk. Text msg. is nice for sending info like addresses and such, the down side is when my friends that have odd hours send me a text message at 2 am and the phone beeps and wakes me up.

    A cell phone is just another tool, just like a computer, hammer or screwdriver.

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