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No Refund for cancellation of Domain Mapping Upgrade

  1. I purchased a domain mapping upgrade for $13.00, but I cancelled it only a few hours later within the same day of purchasing it cause of the fact that I won't have time to edit my own website til a month from now.

    It's already been a few days and I haven't received a refund. My bank account statement clearly shows that WordPress refunded the $13.00, then charged me $13.00 right after I was refunded it. I'm guessing this mistake happened because I cancelled my upgrade before I was even charged for my purchasing it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
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  3. I reviewed your ackhun account, and I found that your 2012-07-18 purchase in the amount of $13 was refunded on the same day. Sometimes banks have pending charges listed and that could be what you are seeing. I have also heard reports that refunds can take up to a week to show up. Everything looks correct on the side from what I can see. I suggest waiting a few more days and then contacting your bank to make sure the charges are listed correctly and that the refund has been applied.

  4. Thanks for replying designsimply,

    I understand that you've reviewed my account but on my bank statement it already lists both charging and refunding transactions completed with my available balance. It's already been a couple days since these transactions occurred.

    But what I'm saying is that when I had received my refund from WordPress, I was not charged yet for purchasing my domain mapping upgrade. So once I received the refund, the charge for the domain mapping upgrade was finally charged on my card after I received a refund.

    Here is an attached screenshot of my bank statement which clearly shows that I was charged after receiving a refund for my upgrade:

    Statement Screenshot

    Unless I'm awaiting a 2nd refund from WordPress automatically, then this has to be a problem with the charge/refund order. I know this because my balance increased after receiving a refund of 13.00, then once I was charged it decreased 13.00.

    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the screenshot and additional info. Note that I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. If you have one refund and one charge for a net zero cost for an upgrade you decided you did not need at this time - I fail to see the issue - so what if the refund was credited ahead of the charge

  7. Thanks for the clarification. I haven't thought it completely through,. I was just quick to assume a problem since there was a glitch with the order of the refund/exchange. I'll definitely lookout and see if WordPress mistakingly charges me for something else, but I do suggest as to look into why WP did these transactions this way to later avoid any misconfusion with anyone else in the future.

    Thanks again.

  8. I thought you were reporting a glitch in the system to Staff and that's why I fagged theis thread for Staff attention.

  9. Yes, at first I thought there was an issue with receiving my refund but after auxclass reminded me that there's only one refund and charge at the moment the order of these transactions don't matter. But it still can be considered a glitch why WordPress would refund me first before charging me for an upgrade.

  10. Agreed.

  11. I don't think WordPress refunded before charging, I think you are seeing them in the order the bank happened to display them. I can tell you that I see the charge and then the refund in the proper order on our side. We really can't control what order your bank statement displays them in though, that's up to the bank.

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