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    i’ve searched here, and on google and have a rough idea of what i’m on about =p

    i have installed wordpress on a free hosting thing i’ve got. now, when i (only for testing) register, everything seems to run smoothly and no errors appear at any point, but i don’t see any confirmation email in my inbox. this i thought might be because the settings were not right but then i realised it’s not right because i do recieve and email saying someone registered. i am not using the same email address i enter when registering as the one i use as admin btw. so, the settings can’t be wrong can they?

    also, i installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin and sent a test email which went through to my main email address fine too so i’m almost certain the outgoing email settings aren’t wrong. the fact i get no errors at all is odd, although on the bottom of the emaail i get that says someone registered there is a small block of text at the bottom that says “Spam Filtered (ID:2745650)”

    i’ve no idea what this means, but it could be a clue, i don’t know.

    anyway, i’d much appreciate the help if any is available. i’ll keep checking back. if you need more information i’ll be glad to hand it over. i’m using wordpress 2.7 also. =]



    You need to ask at This forum is only for hosted blogs.

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