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No right click on images

  1. Can anyone tell me the steps I need to take to stop my images on my wordpress being right-clicked and downloaded? Please feel free to email me urls of the pages I need to make changes to to set this up. Thanks. C

  2. Hi there Crappernz! In terms of stopping people right-clicking images, my experience has only seen solutions that have javascript in them and due to security reasons, we cannot have javascript here on I am not sure if the other members know of any other solutions, but none come to mind!


  3. Crappernz, one of your recent posts includes a photo you "found on the net." How did you get that photo from wherever you found it on the net into your blog?

  4. crappernz: so unrelated to your question, but i just want to say i thought your avatar was a picture of a very gooey chocolate pretzel. at first.

  5. Is his avatar a picture of poo? That's HILARIOUS!

    But about the images, this would only affect you if you hosted your own site and paid for your bandwidth because hotlinking sucks the bandwidth. Or if you took the pictures yourself. If you took the pictures yourself, you could watermark all your images so at least your name or site name appears on them. But I just found out that the photo agencies I visit that disable the right click still have their images taken by people subscribing to their feed and then they can download the images through places like Bloglines or if it's emailed to them. I emailed someone on my blogroll asking if she disabled the feature or if something was wrong with her site. She said she disabled it but that I could have all her posts emailed to me so I could download them. But either way, if you could disable the feature, there are ways around it.

  6. There are plenty of ways around it. You can disable JavaScript or just glance at the source and access the image directly. Also, JavaScript that blocks one browser (for example, IE) often will not work in another. I don't believe I've run into any blocks in downloading images in the years I've been using Firefox.

  7. Even when the 'right-click' copying option is disabled it is very simple to simply copy the picture by pressing the 'printscreen' key on the keyboard and pasting this into an image handling programme where the picture can be cut out and saved.

  8. I don't believe I've run into any blocks in downloading images in the years I've been using Firefox.

    How do we do this on Firefox? I heard there's a way but I still don't know how to. I use to use the print screen feature but it became a pain, so I stopped going to those sites.

  9. the watermark idea is a good one nosy, cos even if they can save the picture for their own purposes it'll be ruined by a big ass watermark.

  10. Seriously, it's killing me but is that avatar poo? I first thought it was a chocolate doughnut. lol

    I wouldn't mind being allowed to have watermarked images on my site. Other bloggers refuse to for some reason. Contacted this one agency and made this long-winded plea saying everyone else takes the pictures but never credits you and I'll credit with a link back, etc. They said for legal reasons, *cough* Perez Hilton, that they can't allow even watermarked images to be used right now but will email me when they can. And they have the best Britney pictures. :(

  11. whiztle: oh yea, i did that too! best option is the watermark.

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