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No right click option?

  1. wildwanderingirl

    I've been advised that it's a good idea to make our posts non-right clickable, thereby making it impossible for visitors to download images for their own use when we don't want them to. I've seen where there's a plugin for this at WP dot Org, but how about here at dot Com? Is there a script or something that could be used? Thanks-

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no FTP access and we bloggers cannot install any plugins into blogs.

    If you use Duotone or Monotone themes right click is disabled. It's not available on any other themes and will not become available as it creates a false sense of security. Anyone can find instructions on the internet and get around it in less than 20 seconds flat. What's best is watermarking your images or not placing any images you don't want stolen on the interment at all. This may help

  3. thereby making it impossible for visitors to download images

    See recent reply of mine:

  4. I received a SHOUTING! and cursing email full of obscenities on the post I linked to above. I assume it came from a troll.

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