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No 'Search Engine Terms' Seen, Following Blog Import.

  1. A month ago I saved my blog's .xml file prior to deleting my blog from I have since reinstated my blog to, albeit with a new URL, although I have kept the original blog title.

    Now, I am only seeing 'Search Engine Terms', for new posts since my blog's reintroduction, and not for the bulk of my blog's content as I was used to seeing, prior to deletion. There are 654 tags, but only a few tags from those recent posts, are producing 'Search Engine Terms'.

    As a consequence, my visitor traffic has suffered quite markedly. There seems to be a block on search engines crawling the imported portion of my blog, which forms the majority of all my posts. I am hoping there is something obvious I need to do to resolve this. If anyone out there has had a similar experience, I would like to hear from them.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When a URL chages it takes about 4 months for the search engines to completely reindex the content under the new URL.

  3. Thank you. Additionally, I can web-search for a page's title and find it listed in results, which is something at least. But I am missing those random search hits from visitors searching by tags. Hopefully things will begin to improve in the timescale you gave.

  4. Are you aware that Google's search spiders are now focused on the keywords in your content? There was so much spamdexing (tag spamming) going on and so much duplicated content that tag searches became non-productive for search engine users. Google is focused on search engine user experience. You may benefit from reading this and watching what Matt Cutts of Google has to say in the video > Revisiting Keywords and Tags.

  5. Yes, I briefly saw something on this as I was searching for a solution. I will revisit this topic again, thanks. Interestingly, I recently validated my blog with Bing, and it was the same old...only my most recent posts, typically 10 in number, were listed by them, too.

  6. Currently your blog is indexed by Google and produces (176 results).

  7. The figure never increases. My old blog's URL, 'portraitcafe', is still producing 1800 results. I have used Google's' delete sites/pages/tags function to try to reduce this number. My thinking is that much of my potential traffic is still being directed to these pages.

  8. It is and will continue to be for, as TT says, about four months. After that time, you'll probably find that your blog here has a great deal more SEO than your other blog ever did.

  9. Good news, thanks.

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