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"No self-ping" advice is flawed.

  1. I am referring to the FAQ entry entitled "Can I stop self-pings?"

    Following the advice in that FAQ entry does indeed prevent self-pings and trackbacks.

    However, when reading posts in a web-based feed aggregator, such as Bloglines, clicking such a link brings one to a non-existent page in the domain of the web aggregator.

    Real example: has a link to but, of course, since I want to prevent a ping-back, in my article I only used /2006/07/13/lemmings-in-your-web-browser/ (per the FAQ).

    When reading that article in Bloglines, however, and clicking that link, I am taken to, which of course does not exist.

    I've also seen this behavior on blogs.

    I expect tweaking the RSS feed to always include the full URI in tags should fix this problem.

  2. another way to do it that should work, is to link to the comments section of the page:

    that usually stops pingbacks, and is still absolute.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out.

  4. Alas, I did that and received a pingback.

  5. I'm getting pingbacks simply for re-using photos in another post. Any way to stop that?

  6. wow, that's weird. you could just go find the old post, right click on the image, and choose 'copy image location', and then use the insert image button to add just the image, without the link.

    certainly more of a pain than the 'browse all' in the image upload section.

    you could also submit feedback asking for an option to not send pingbacks to your own blog.

  7. Vivian I added this option of not pinging your own blog to the ongoing on-negotiable theme features list thread too

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