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    Hi, I write my post and attach a URL of an image as a header and sometimes another image further down into the blog. When I preview it, there is no space between some paragraphs and some between others. You’ll be bale to see from my blog what I mean. I like even-ness across the blog so it drives me nuts. Is it to do with the image being probably too large? But even when I minimise the width and height I still have the issue.. Can you please help?

    The blog I need help with is


    The paragraphs that do not have spaces between are enclosed in div tags instead of p tags. Open the post in the editor, select the paragraphs that do not have spaces between and then choose “paragraph” from the format/style pulldown at the left end of the lower row of tools in the visual editor and then save.



    hi, sorry about this,

    where is this format/style pulldown? i can’t see it on the left end. My tools are on the left alright,



    If you only have a single row of main tools, then you will have to click the button on the far right end of that row (hover over it and it will say “kitchen sink”) and the second row of tools will appear.



    excellent, many thanks, that was hidden. sorted now


    You are welcome and glad you got it sorted out.

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