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No share buttons on frontpage (sundance)

  1. I see that others have had this problem and it's flagged as resolved. But not for me.
    I use the Sundance theme and I have no sharing buttons on my front page.
    Individual posts show them.
    How can I make them show on the front page?
    I have all the little boxes ticked in the customize sharing box, also on the individual post.
    Like here -
    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go back to settings > sharing and in the pulldown select "Posts, Pages and Index Page" and save.

  3. Ok, did it all again, (as it was all selected) saved, but no change ...

  4. You're SURE you selected the option which included index pages?

    PS quote roundups are fine, but you might eventually run into trouble posting entire poems. Someone here was reporting today she's being threatened with a lawsuit for posting someone else's poem. The normal procedure is to quote a bit, perhaps two stanzas, and link to the source of the rest.

  5. Yes I'm absolutely sure I checked all the little boxes and have it exactly as it is in the link I provided.
    Thanks for that info re poems - I very seldomly post poems and am trying to be very careful about copyright.

  6. And your settings say:

    Show buttons on
    ✓ Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    ✓ Posts
    ✓ Pages
    ✓ Media

  7. Done the cookie dance, changed theme, selected and saved ticked boxes again...
    Hasn't helped. I have 3 blogs and they all have the same problem - no share buttons on front page.
    Could someone fix this for me please?

  8. And your settings say:

    Show buttons on
    ✓ Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results
    ✓ Posts
    ✓ Pages
    ✓ Media

    Yes, except for the media which is not ticked.

  9. ok, ticked the media one as well - made no difference.

  10. Are they all using the same theme? Could be a theme bug.


    Changed the theme of this blog (link) and yes,. buttons are there!
    So it must be a Sundance theme bug.
    So how does that get fixed?

  12. You'd have to report it to staff if you can, via the Dashboard Help button from a blog which is still having the problem. If you can't report it, then come back here and in the Tags box on the right, put "modlook" without any quotation marks. That flags this for staff. They will have to fix the theme.

  13. Thanks for your help Raincoaster!

  14. I have the same prob and aint no solution yet....

  15. I have flagged this thread and it will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will respond to this issue.

  16. Thanks Timethief!

  17. You're welcome. :)

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