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    Don’t know if anyone can help me.. but I wanted to add some sharing to my blog. I have two blogs.. one is for me to mess with and try stuff out on and the other one is the live one for my site. They both have the same version of wordpress, but the live one i want to add all the sharing too doesn’t have all the options like the one i mess with. I don’t even have the link for “Sharing” under “Settings” on the live one, and I don’t know why. And under Dashboard there’s only two links – Dashboard and Updates. I’ve had for a few years now..if anyone can tell me why the one I want the sharing on doesn’t even have the option, please let me know… Thanks.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    i just noticed that i guess why i can’t see the sharing, is the live one is a blog. is there a sharing option for that one? will there be?


    No, you have to research and install a plugin. The built-in sharing is a wordpress.COM only feature.

    You need to inquire about self-hosted blogs over at the .ORG forums which is where they are supported.



    To add to what thesacredpath said, the plugin is called Sharedaddy and the information was located on that other thread:

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