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no shows in topics you've tagged

  1. please excuse me since I'm at work and haven't read all your comments yet but I get what you're saying and I'm not disagreeing with it.

    I have received all my comments from the tagged results from WP pages. To answer one question. Only one comments from another blog outfit. Tumblr. Only one does.

    I have an issue of "liking" things I really don't just to draw likes to me. I'm sure that's not what you're suggesting in total bird but I'm just saying. I do respond to all comments.

    My main point is not if Tags are the most affective at anything. It's the obvious disregard from "support" when the issue is obvious. I don't know how much more a thing can be proven than it was. I still don't have any posts from that blog showing up. yet since correcting the "poem" to "poems" on the other blogs, each and every post shows up all the time ever time. Regardless of the 31 mill blogs.

  2. I should further clarify to bird that I do get your point and will follow the advise. I just had that one point to it is all. Thanks for the advise though. I will try to do that.

  3. how does the Google attention actually work though. People doing like "poetry blog" searches or "wordpress poetry blogs" or something like that. Then going through all the results that come up? Or is the something else I'm not aware of that shortcuts it a bit.

  4. Google does not use tags at all.

  5. I know this rc. I was asking when you say Google responses, exactly what are you referring to. The standard Google search someone may do for a blog. I myself, have never done that.

  6. I did just try a Google search on "poetry blogs" and came up with a few interesting sites I should explore.

  7. I think I'm a bit familiar with that thread TT since that was the one I was referring to when I said staff would be of no help. Have a look at the one below that I was meaning when I said the hours with no reply

  8. if you go through the link you've supplied us, you'll notice that yes, I became a little frustrated, I think justifiably when each thing they tried to rely on was disproven and they're only response was to ignore.

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