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No Sidebar Widgets

  1. Hi guys, In the presentation menu, I have not got the Sidebar Widgets edit page link. How do I get it back?

  2. As your username is not linked to a blog I can't look at it and see which theme it is that you are talking about. Most themes have widget support but some do not. I do not know what you are referring to when you say " Sidebar Widgets edit page link".

    Assuming you have chosen a theme that does have widget support then this is how to find your widgets -> Dashboard -> Presentation - > Sidebar Widgets. And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets. This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.

  3. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I know how to use and edit widgets, it's just that I can't get at the page as in Dashboard -> Presentation - > Sidebar Widgets ,the sidebar widgets option doesnt appear on my menu bar. By the way, i've just but my blog on my profile page.

  4. "A calm, relaxing theme one-column theme with wigets and a customizable header." Seems like false advertising as previous discussions suggest Ambiru does not support widgets

  5. Thanks foolswisdor.I'll get it changed.

  6. @foolswisdom
    *chuckle* "false advertising"
    Oh dear me, it now sounds like you're becoming one of us "nit picky" peanut gallery types. *lol*

    Unfortunately have selected a theme that does not support widgets. Perhaps you would like to try Daydream instead it has really nice typography as well as widget support. :)

  7. flashterry, I have submitted a ticket so this will be fixed.

  8. @foolswisdom
    Now I'm confused. If Ambiru was his theme and it does not support widgets then what is there to fix? Does Ambiru have widgets now?

  9. I'm going to have to agree that w/Ambiru there should be wigets. This is a very nice theme. Clean and cool w/a slight asian bent but subtle. It doesn't bleed or pidgeon hole a style. Great for blogs that are more book-like. I spent a while searching for the widgets also and ended up here too. Hope that will be added soon.

  10. While you are waiting for staff to decide if Ambiru will be widgetized and, as this will not likely happen over-night, I suggest you might like to try DayDream.

  11. Hi all
    I have not got the Sidebar Widgets edit page link. I use Green Marinée..

    Is Green Marinée does not support widgets??


  12. No it has no widgets.

  13. I'm a little worried about those pictures "snapping" off his blog with the Ambiru theme. He needs to either change his theme or use a smaller picture for that.

  14. @knoizki
    I know where you are coming from and had the same concern. It now appears as though 93qfm has now moved to the Chaotic Soul theme, and ariefgaffar has moved to the Connections theme.

  15. I've been using Chaotic Soul for quite a while now for my main site (93qfm) that is a mimic of my blogspot site. The Ambiru is for a book that has yet to be edited and thus is protected access. All copy - no pix. I've listed all the chapters as catagories with numbers to begin them then added them as links and that has accomplished my goal of listing all the seperate chapters in order at the main page bottom. I've also used the link idea on:

    to list all the individual stories in the sidebar also. It's the cheat around the "previous posts" limits.

    Still, without widgets, I can't add html to monitor who has spent how much time, etc. But I can't help loving the design of Ambiru a lot.

  16. @93qfm
    Ahhh ... now I see that you are using Mark's write a book method
    I'm glad you found a theme you like. It's too bad it doesn't have widgets and that's not likely to suddenly change. I'm an artist, a sumei brush painter, so I relate to the slight Asian bent you refer to but I don't like Ambiru at all. I believe the typography in DayDream is by far superior especially for a book but hey, let's be friends anyway. *lol* :D
    Best wishes

  17. @timethief

    I have to say that I used the photo that is your moniker as my desktop background for a couple months. Don't know where I found it but just love it. If that is your work- thanks. Beautiful immage to greet one at the start of a long day of writing...

  18. You're welcome :)

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