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No Spell Check?

  1. I can't find the spell check feature. Others in my group say it's right on
    their menu, but it's not on mine. I'm using the default theme. Maybe you didn't offer a spell check then? Hope this wasn't covered elsewhere, I looked but didn't find it listed.

    I did find the answer to my dilemma of no cut and paste. I now use Firefox rather than

    Check back with you tomorrow. Yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. It shows up on mine. Are you using the rich-text editor or the basic text one? I think it only works with the fancy rich-text one. You can check at the bottom of "Your Profile" under "Users" in the admin thing. If it still doesn't show up you can always try a feedback.

  3. The normal text editor only has a lookup function. Hilight the word in question and click on the lookup button.

  4. You could get a spell check extention for Firefox. For example, the Google Toolbar has a spell check function that works on any forms on a webpage.

  5. Lookup is spellcheck??

  6. Try it. If a word comes up mispelled, it suggests corrections.

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