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    I haven’t been able to get a stat chart for quite a long time now. I thought you stopped them. I do a get regular stat page which is great but I’d like to be able to get the graph too. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance and thanks for the great service you provide.



    What browser are you using?
    If you have two, does it happen in both?

    If you are using Internet Explorer, can you try Firefox from



    I get the same thing on both IE and Firefox. I get the chart with the links but I do not get a graph. I like the links but the graph is also nice and useful.

    Perhaps I mis-understood. Do you still have the graph?


    Make sure that you have the shockwave flash plugin installed on your browsers and that it is the latest version. There were some enhancements done to the graph and it could be that older versions of the plugin do not support the enhancements.

    Also make sure your browsers are the latest versions. FF is at and IE is at 7. IE5 and 6 have known issues.



    I also have a problem with the stats graph, after a minute or 2 it reports a “timeout” message in a red background on the area where the graph should be. This happens only with a certain user. There are other users who are “contributors” to the same blog which see the graph correctly (it is not a browser/flash plug-in issue). Any ideas?…

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