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no store in dashboard

  1. i have no access to my store in dashboard

  2. What is the URL starting with http:// for the blog in question?

  3. no i need and want to cancel this blog it was mistakenly signed up and now there is no way for me to shut it off. Very frustrated

  4. Without you providing the URL starting with http:// we cannot help you. Please post the URL.

  5. here in lies the issue. I never set anything up I never meant for this to be charged for what ever reason my stupidity so be it I signed up for this. I have a log in a password and a charge on my credit card. I need for all three to go away. How may I make that happen?

  6. doesn’t exist

    Do you mean any of these blogs, instead of — akobyj — Akubye's Blog

  7. nope neither never set anything up.

  8. How may I make that happen?

    It starts with you answering the questions I ask you.
    Please tell me which blog URL it is that you refer to.

  9. I am not trying to chase you in circles I am 73 years old. I obviously have done this on my own. I am now trying to correct it. Who can I email that is in charge of billing so that I can ask them to terminate my account that I am getting charged for?

  10. If you did not set up a blog then you could not access a dashboard of a blog.

    If you could not access a blog dashboard you then could not access the Store.

    If you could not access the Store then you could not have either accidentally purposefully purchased anything at all from

    Are you clear on those facts?

    This thread is already tagged for Staff attention and now this one is likewise tagged.

  11. fantastic. They will contact me with a way to reverse the charge that is on my card from I am fully understanding that I would have to do all the above said things for me to be able to get in the store to be able to cancel something. I do appreciate your time in this matter. I also understand that the dashboard would probably be the wrong terminology. Have a nice evening.

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