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No style formatting when viewing my WordPress blog

  1. Now and then, when viewing my blog all the style elements disappear so that the blog looks like a sitemap. I am working on a Mac. This happens in Firefox, Safari and Rockmelt. I have tested this on other computers, but it only happens on my one computer. The problem goes away when I clear cache, but it will return randomly. This also happens, occasionally, when viewing other blogs. The problem has been going on for about a month.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should also mention that this happens in multiple locations, using different ISPs.

  3. We need a link to your blog, starting with http://

    Also, what sort of connection do you have when using your Mac?

  4. Hello - The problem happens on both my blogs. The links are - and However, when I visit the blog, the http:// does not appear in the URL address bar.

    I am presently connecting by wireless, in Seattle, at a friend's house. This problem also happens at my workplace and my home in Estonia. I always connect by wireless.


  5. I was wondering about the connection speed.
    Sometimes when there is not enough bandwidth, then the CSS of a site won't load before the connection times out. (I think it loads last, but another volunteer can correct my understanding if that is not true.)

    Image heavy sites (especially when the images are not properly compressed for the net) or sites displaying a huge number of posts on the front page, tend to have this problem, especially for folk who don't have a large bandwidth/speed.

    But neither of your sites seems to have that problem.

    I'll note here:
    I also use a Mac.
    If my husband is doing something intensive on his computer at home here, sometimes even the forum (w/o any images) loads on my laptop without formatting.

    For me the problem is more common on FireFox. Clearing cache and cookies works. But it is a nuisance.

    Let's hope someone will have a better answer than I.

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