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No Sub menu Items showing

  1. All,

    I have created the pages and they used to be showing but now it appears all my blogs here show no submenu page items. I looked but do not find a setting, either globally or in the individual blogs that show this.

    What's Sup?

    All help appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh,



    should show as menu item under "Personal" link of:

    and should be submenu item under the menu item "Personal"


  3. You probably switched from a different theme. Pilcrow doesn't display dropdowns in the regular top menu. You need to create and activate a custom top menu. See here:

  4. No, not related to the theme.

    It suddenly started this on every blog I have here on, so not isolated to the theme, is some sort of Global setting.

    I am however revisiting the themes, as when I selected them I read up to see if they allowed this and only installed those that did, at least I thought, so re-checking.

    As for the custom menu, I did that for all the blogs, with no change.

    Also like I said, I can not find any setting that should be changing this.

    Help please.



  5. There's a bug since yesterday, but it affects the regular top menu, not a custom one. So if you have created and activated a custom menu, the subpages should appear as dropdowns - provided you have created a hierarchy as shown in this screenshot:

  6. This is all fixed now. Sorry for the trouble!

    You may need to clear your browser's cache first:

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