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No Support for text-shadow?

  1. I notice that custom CSS strips out the "text-shadow" declaration. Is this intentional? An oversight? Is there any way around it?

  2. @swein
    I believe that this is a css customization forum question so I will contact sunburntkamel to ask him to help you.

  3. best bet is to send in feedback. we can't help with features that have been disabled.

    i'd test it out to make sure you're right, but it seems that the property only works on safari, so i'm not sure what the point is.

  4. Well, Safari or not, it is a valid CSS2/3 declaration, so I don't see why it would be selectively disabled.

  5. I'll see if we can get a staff member to weigh in here. It may be an oversight.

  6. TT, all you need to do is add the modlook tag. :)

  7. @drmike gottcha - modtag but *do not send feedback* when drmike is online

  8. Glad this is getting attention (I wonder if other declarations are at issue) there a verdict?

  9. I'll get some information.

  10. TT, spammers just need the modlook tag. Staff or I check that tag regularly.

  11. gottcha - modtag but *do not send feedback*

  12. Give it another try. I've just added text-shadow to the allowed properties.

  13. Thanks works fine now!
    Is there a definitive list of what properties work or are not implemented?

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