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    About 2 weeks ago, I purchased the guided transfer, and my site was transferred. Though I received help in changing the domain mapping from the technician doing the guided transfer, I have had NO help whatsoever from the 2 weeks of support included in my purchase. I have had several questions and have sent about 5 emails to the email address provided for the 2 weeks of support and haven’t even received a response. I still have a couple questions regarding fonts (there are a couple selectors I need to know to fully change all of my fonts on Typekit), I would like to know how to move the tag/category section from the top of my post to the bottom, and how to add my copyright statement to the footer, instead of using a widget in the sidebar (I am using the Fresh & Clean theme). I would also like to know how to increase my font size. Absolutely no help whatsoever from my supposed 2 weeks of support.

    I feel so ripped off. I purchased the guided transfer purely for the 2 weeks of support and have received nothing. I was also informed by my new hosting service that they could have done the whole transfer for free. I am pretty frusterated and disappointed in right now. If you are considering the guided transfer, beware!

    The blog I need help with is



    The most recent support request that we received from you was on April 4. We sent the following reply less than hour later:

    That is very strange. Please let me kno if it happens again. If it does, please try using a different web browser and see if the issue persists.

    Since then, we haven’t received anything from you. Did you reply directly to that email, or did you send a separate email?



    I sent a separate email, several emails, in fact. I used the email address provided in the users section of my dashboard, as instructed by Michael, who did my guided transfer. This is the most recent email I sent, on 4/10/12:

    I have yet to hear from you in response to my last set of emails, about a week ago. I feel totally jipped in this department because one of the main reasons I purchased the guided transfer is for the 2 weeks of support. How much support have I received? None.

    If by chance you actually get this and choose to respond, here are a few questions I have:

    1. I figured out, basically, how to use typekit, but there seems to be a couple selectors I’m missing, or perhaps the h1-6 is not working. Nothing I put as a header, of any size, works in the right font (le havre), but instead uses the old font. Also, in the comments section, the headers are still in the old font. How do I fix this?

    2. The last (bottom) widget of my sidebar has my copyright statement. I would like to put this in the area where it has the theme info/powered by wordpress. How do I do this, or is it something you can do?

    3. Currently all the tags/categories show right underneath the post title. I would like to move those to the ends of my posts. How do I do this, or is it something you can fix?

    Since writing this, I have also decided that I would like to increase the font size. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks



    This is to let you know I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    The last email we received from you was on April 4th and our reply was sent within 45 minutes.

    Since then, we have not received any emails from you. I wonder if you might be emailing your hosting provider by mistake. Either way, we haven’t received anything since April 4th.

    Since some Guided Transfer support requests may require account details, we prefer not to handle these on the public forums.

    Please reply with your questions to the last email from Michael, which had a subject line of “[] Guided Transfer Purchased.”



    I having a similar problem. I receive no responses to my emails from the, er, “happiness” engineer during the transfer process.
    Is it being transferred? who knows. Who has access to my web hosting account as I was asked to give my password to the happiness engineer? who knows.

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