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No Tagline for Thirteen theme?

  1. I have my tagline set in the options but it doesn't show on my Thirteen theme. Is there any way that can be customized and how?
    Thank you for your help

  2. you would need to edit the CSS, which you can't do without buying the upgrade.

  3. I don't mind buying the upgrade as long as I know how to do that. Right now I don't :( . Is there a place I could look for this particular piece of code, or I must go figure out myself?

  4. I'm afraid buying the CSS upgrade won't make any difference. The theme doesn't actually include the PHP code to display the tagline, and there is no way you can add it because we don't have access to those files.

    You could always pop your tagline in a text widget at the top of your sidebar, if it's important to you. Or use another theme which displays taglines.

  5. @wank:
    thanks for the clarification :)

    sorry for the bad info :(

  6. If you had the CSS upgrade, you could use a text widget to write your tag line and use the upgrade to position it wherever you want....

    My 2 cents...

    Wait, in fact, I don't think you need the CSS upgrade. Why don't you try this (hopefully it'll work):

    <div style="[position you want for your tag line]">
        Your Tag Line Here!


  7. devblog thank you so much! That works perfect!!
    what a workaround...

  8. my pleasure.

  9. if i were to do that same thing, where would i put that code? sidebar text widget? how do i get it underneath the blog title?

  10. @baskodog7214
    You would have to purchase the css upgrade first. Do you have it?

  11. @baskodog7214
    You would have to purchase the css upgrade first. Do you have it?

  12. I'd like to do this as well for the shocking blue-green theme. I have the CSS upgrade - just don't know how to get the tagline to show up.

    Any help? Thanks!

  13. Devblog posted the solution above.

  14. If I read devblog correctly, the CSS upgrade is not required. The question I have is where does that code go? In a text box?

  15. vivianpaige: i think you put the code in a text widget...

  16. It goes in a text widget which you place at the top of your sidebar.

  17. Ah ha. Thanks. I'll file that away for future reference.

  18. You're welcome. :)

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