No Tags Option In The Classic Editor

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    Hello Shawna and Josh and Jeremey,

    You are welcome and thank you for joining together to try to help me. :)

    I finally figured out the problem, the problem is the Zemanta extension for Chrome and Firefox it seems, when I disabled Zemanta my test post finally published and it showed up. :D

    I will report this to Zemanta. ;)

    Thank you very much for the help :) ,
    -John Jr


    Oh great! I’m so glad we got to the bottom of that. Thanks for letting us know John Jr. :)



    You are welcome Shawna. :)

    -John Jr



    Hello Shawna,

    I have a question and a recommendation/request related to this issue and the New Editor.

    Is the New Editor still designed where it does not save to the WordPress servers but to our browsers/computers instead when saving drafts and as we type them?

    If so, I would once again like to recommend (many others also recommend the same thing) that this be changed to function like in the Classic Editor where they are stored on WordPress servers and even our browsers/computers as well (if there is a problem with one at least they are backed up briefly on the other), because there are many problems and things that can go wrong with only saving them to our browsers/computers (I could name so many reasons now, but I will not to save space and time; unless you want me to make a long list of reasons ;)).

    For example, this Zemanta bug would probably have only stopped the post from being saved on the browser/computer, but it probably still would have been saved/published on the WordPress server side if the New Editor had that function like the Classic Editor; but I that is just a wild guess and I could be wrong. ;)

    Anyway, that is just my question and thoughts/suggestions, thank you. :)

    -John Jr


    There are no plans to update the editor to save to draft automatically.

    However, this Zemanta issue probably would have happened anyways, since it was preventing the ‘Publish’ function from running. I don’t think an autosave feature would have worked either, since it was clearly blocking a lot of traffic.

    I’ll make sure the suggestion is noted for the next time we iterate on the editor. :)



    Thank you very much Shawna. :)

    I really hope that they change this because other people and I have and can name many reasons that is not a good idea, and it will probably negatively effect/affect us and others sometimes in various scenarios/situations/ways.

    Just a few examples/possible scenarios:

    People like me who use Permanent Private Mode/Incognito Mode/et cetera will have problems if our browser crashes, if our computer crashes, if the electricity goes off, if we accidentally exit out of our browser, et cetera; and then our posts/pages/saves will be gone because our cookies/cache/history/temporary internet files/et cetera will be cleared automatically when the browser closes.

    People who use adblockers, tracking blockers, and other privacy and security programs/services/et cetera might sometimes experience problems if the program/service is blocking the cookies/et cetera needed for the save/post/page/et cetera.

    Those are just some examples, also I do not know anyone in the world at this time who likes this from what I have seen at our original New Editor Topic that got closed long ago unfortunately, and so most people seem to probably like having it also save to WordPress servers as well.

    Anyway, thank you very much, and I hope that they will change this and a few other things in the future so that the New Editor can at least match/equal or surpass the Classic Editor; and then maybe more of us would use it, but until then many of us will continue to use the Classic Editor as long as we can so I am glad that it is still available to us. :)

    -John Jr

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